Major NPCs: 

Darathra Shendrel {1}
  • Lord Commander
  • From Waterdeep
  • Ex-Harper
  • Upholds the law and commands the Twelve
  • Has war horse named Buster
Darz Helgar {2}
  • Elderly occupant of the North Caravan Campground {2}
  • Responsible for keeping the campgrounds clean
  • Used to be part of thieves guild in Waterdeep
  • Was caught, moved to Triboar to start new life
  • Lives in cottage east of {2}
Narth Tezrin {6}
  • Runs The Lion's Share {6} with partner/colleague Alaestra Ulgar
  • Yearns for adventure and would like to leave, but knows Alaestra wouldn't forgive him
Urgala Meltimer {10}
  • Retired adventurer, runs the inn Northshield House {10}
  • No tolerance for monsters or bullies
  • Retired ~10 years ago when wife vanished in the Underdark
Othovir {11}
  • Run's Othovir's Harness Shop {11}
  • Doesn't talk about his family or where he came from
Ghelryn Foehammer {18}
  • Works at Foehammer's Forge {18}
  • Hates Orcs and Giants
  • During the War of the Silver Marches, he heard rumors that orcs and giants attacking Dwarfholds throughout the North, but kept to his business. When the giant attack happens, he isn't willing to sit back.

Minor NPCs:

  • Janele Karnweller {4}

    • Human female
    • Occupant of Happy Horse Ranch
    • Has 3 sons: Aldo, Hingo, and Rasko
    • All 3 sons part of town militia
  • Tosker Wainwright {5}

    • Human male
    • Runs Wainwright's Wagons {5}
    • Wainwright Wagons used to craft the finest, most expensive wagons
    • The current owneer, Tosker, is more interested in profit
    • The Wainwright name is the only thing keeping it in business



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